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Join us at 7 Seas Divers Epsom

We’re a friendly BSAC scuba diving club based in the Surrey/south London area.

We have a 5.7m fully equipped rib kept in Littlehampton, that we use for regular dives along the Sussex coast throughout the year. Occasionally we will take it further afield to explore other parts of the UK coastline.

We welcome new members looking for an active club, regardless of experience or which agency they qualified with.

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Welcome to 7 Seas Divers

We are divers, friends and family who enjoy a passion for the underwater world. As part of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) – the largest diving club in the world – we have the support and benefits of the sports national governing body.

The club is committed to sharing skills and experience through regular diver training. From Ocean Diver to Advanced Diver, we have experienced instructors to help develop your skills and qualifications.

We are keen to encourage new members from any agency and skill level, so please drop us a message on our Contact page to get in touch for a friendly chat.

Some of us are nuts about diving and cannot get enough. Some of us fit in a dive when we can. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced bubbler, you will find a warm welcome at Seven Seas Divers.

What our members say...

My family and I joined the club 8 years ago and we had a very warm welcome and, as a family, we've had many diving trips since. The club has a great atmosphere and we've made some great new friends.

Paul Stafford

I joined 7 Seas when they proactively offered try dives at the local shopping centre. I was curious, and subsequently hooked! The training was very thorough and allowed time for me to get comfortable with a new and strange environment. I have been a member since then diving on many fun trips and from the club rib, and have made good friends. Now even though I live in Wales I am still a social member and still get to join my friends diving occasionally.

Tessa Knight

I joined the club about 8 years ago having met them on a liveaboard in Egypt. They were great fun to be with and readily accepted me. As I live in the midlands its says something about the club that I have been prepared to travel down to meet and socialise with them, even though I no longer dive.

Joe Sniadek
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