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Welcome to 7 Seas Divers and BSAC

If you are already qualified as a diver through another agency, your in the right place

How to proceed

We will be very happy for you to join our club and continue to dive with us up to the level of your existing qualification for as long as you like. We will be equally pleased for you to cross over and continue your developement through BSAC training standards and courses.equivalency-chart

Continuing your development?

If you wish to cross over to start training with BSAC, you will initially have to do a bit of cross over training to fill out any gaps or differences between your current agencies grade and the equivalent BSAC level. You can discuss this with the clubs Diving or Training Officers to establish your needs. You can even cross over as an instructor if already qualified as such.
Once this is done, you can start your training at the next level.
BSAC has 5 qualification levels, Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and 1st Class Diver although we can only offer training up to Advanced Diver level currently. Our basic level, Ocean Diver, is broadly equivalent to PADI Open Water Diver/Advanced Open Water Diver for example, so, as a PADI diver, this is the grade you would cross over to should you wish to do so, after which you can commence the Sport Diver Course and so on
Additionally, there are Skill Development Courses available, such as Boat Handling and Chart Plotting and Navigation that can be organised and run should you wish to do them

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