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Red Sea Trip Northern Wrecks and Brothers

Christmas Dinner

Extraordinary General Meeting

Farewell to PJ dinner

Far Mulberry - Cancelled Due to Poor Weather Conditions

Selsey Pier - Blown out AGAIN!

U1195 - Hardboat

Web Site Info

Dive Planning Evening

HMT Pine - Cancelled due weather.

Gascony - Cancelled Due Weather

Committee Meeting

Ore Wreck - Cancelled due weather, AGAIN!


Meteor/Drift - 11th June - Cancelled Due to Weather!!!

Northcoates and a Second Dive - 18th June

The Gascony - 2nd July

Ore Wreck - 30th July

The Basil - 16th July

Wreck of The Pentyrch - 25th June -Cancelled Due Weather.

Quiz & Bingo Night

Meteor/Drift - 23rd July

The Gascony - 6th August

Mid Week Special - The Northcoates - Tuesday 1st August

HMT Pine - Sunday 13th August

Newhaven harbour wall

Ore Wreck 24th September

Northcoates - 1st October - Cancelled Due to Weather

Meteor/Drift - 8th October

Bognor Drift - 15th October

Nortcoates - 29th October

Christmas Dinner

Far Mullberry Harbour

Far Mullberry Harbour

Far Mulberry Night Dive

Far Mulberry Training Dive

Quiz and Pizza Night

Glenlee / Pine

Christmas Meal 2018

SS Pentyrch 6th May

Northcoates or Gascony

Unknown Dungy

Pentyrch - Sunday 22nd September

BSAC Thames Boat Run - Postponed due to Covid-19

Swanage Pier Sunday 16th August

Mulberries Night Dive

Selsey Beach Dives

Club Rib Training

Swanage Pier Sunday 16th August

Swanage Pier

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