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Learn to dive

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So, you want to learn to dive? You are in the right place

How we can help:

We can train you progressively through BSAC grades from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver. We can also offer various skill development courses such as boat handling, and don’t forget that in addition to formal courses the club environment allows you to continuously learn from more experienced members.
All of our instructors are volunteers and don’t charge for their time spent training you, however there are some minimal charges to cover the costs of training materials, equipment etc.

Qualified through another agency (PADI, CMAS, SSI etc)?

No problem! You are more than welcome to join and dive with us within your current qualification limits, and if you wish to progress your skills further with BSAC training, we can arrange cross over training to address any gaps or differences before you continue on to the next level. Go to our Already a Diver page for further info

Where to Start?

Ocean Diver
As a complete novice this is the level you will be trained to initially. This will give you the necessary skills to dive in open water in various conditions to a maximum of 20mts depth, under supervision of an experienced instructor.
The course consists of several theory lessons along with practical lessons, normally in a local swimming pool, until you’re at a level where you can progress to open water lessons. These normally take place at one of several inland lakes where you will learn some more practical skills such as underwater navigation and also progress to deeper water. Then, once your instructor is satisfied with your progress and ability, you will be able to go diving with a more experienced diver of a higher grade to well known easy dive sites to continue practicing the skills you’ve learnt until they’re second nature, and you can relax and enjoy some of the magical marine life that surrounds our coast.
Safety is always paramount in everything we do to increase the enjoyment of your new sport.

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