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Chair’s update October 2017

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My last update spoke about growing the club and the exciting opportunities opening up with BSAC Guildford. So its good news that we have agreed to run a ‘Try Dive’ evening with sole access to Guildford’s pool facilities.

Paul and Helen have arranged a try dive date on 21 November 2017 for a group of older scouts. We also have three potential new trainees/ members who we would like to encourage to come along. This is a great opportunity to hone our pool skills, give something to the community, grow club funds, increase our membership and run a training course early next year.

We will invite the Scouts to a dry session in Sutton the week before to do all the paper work and get sized up for kit. What makes try dives a success is the involvement of the whole club especially on the pool side to assist instructors and others in the pool. We will also need some extra kit to enable us to maximise the numbers we can put through.

So this is a rallying call for all to get involved. Please confirm your availability and role you would like to take on. Also whether you have some spare kit we can use. The sooner we have names, the easier it will be to confirm our plans and make the evenings a success. Please reply to me.

This builds on our social and training event next Tuesday. Don’t forget the AGM set for 28 November 2017. As always, if you fancy taking on a committee role – let me know. The club will need a renewed sense of drive if we are to capitalise on the great things we have done this year.

2018 is already looking positive, with trips to Dartmouth and the Isle of White planned and the promise of warmer climes towards the end of the year.

See you on Tuesday at 8pm

Paul – Chair.

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