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Chair’s update – September 2017

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View from the Chairman’s boardroom – well we all dream a little

You know that a club is in good health when around the table at a committee meeting people volunteer ideas and offer to follow up on them. That’s what happened tonight, aided by Lemon drizzle rather than moaning grizzle.

Now I didn’t drink so much Isle of Man beer last week that my beer goggles have failed to clear. I am first and foremost a pragmatist. We have some major challenges if we are to survive and thrive. When I took on the role of chair last year, I spoke about a period of consolidation for 7 Seas. We had after all lost our training officer, diving officer, boat officer and chair not to mention our pool. During the year I have challenged myself frequently about whether such a strategy displayed a lack of ambition on my part? After tonight I believe we have consolidated as a club and must now look towards building on strong foundations and yes – show some ambition! We owe a huge debt to members and our committee for their efforts over recent months. Guess what – we’ve been diving – even me.

So what did we come up with?

We are planning a trip to the Isle of White in 2018, taking the RIB and providing opportunities for our aspirant advanced divers to demonstrate their logistical skills. Already we have people signed up. We will be asking for deposits to ensure the trip goes ahead.

We are planning on resurrecting our trip to Dartmouth following this year’s cancellation by the hard-boat operator. Still amazed that Joe wants to organise trips for us.

The Canaries are our preferred warm water destination for 2018. Just hoping a former club member completes on a dive centre purchase! Fingers crossed. If not the destination still looks a likely venue for the 7 Seas annual week in the sun.

We are planning on purchasing a new trailer for our boat. Have wheels – might travel? We will be organising some social events with the aim of making some monies for the club and securing the purchase.

We are planning a first aid training night under the capable tuition of Helen. She promises lots of fun and you can be there. Tuesday 24 October. £15.00 per head to include a fish and chip supper.

We will become more social media savvy – saves the chairman blogging.

We will be arranging try dives on a quarterly basis down at Guildford. We are already firming up plans for an event in October and have participants lined up. We aim to secure trainees through this route and grow the club again.

Dives are planned for the next few weeks. I am down for the Northcotes – third time lucky with the weather? I also need another opportunity to deploy my SMB after a limp effort in the Isle of Man. I will be taking Viagra this time (for the SMB). We had a great time in the Isle of Man. Have a look at the video, which should be uploaded, to our site soon.

…And finally some serious club business:

Renewals are due. Mike is encouraging members to take out a £10.00 per month standing order and a direct debit with BSAC for their annual fees. That leaves him with medical self – declarations which can be signed on a Tuesday night. Anything we can do to ease the pressure on him would be appreciated. If you want to dive after October your membership must be renewed.

The AGM is scheduled for 28 November 2017. Let’s move from consolidation to ambition. We are ready.

Above all never ever lose sight of the fact that diving is fun.

Paul (Chair)

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