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January 2018 update

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2018 has arrived and we finally managed to hold our 2017 AGM last Tuesday. Nothing can stop us now.

There is just a chance that the size of the committee outnumbers the non -committee members in our club. Not daunted by this I am delighted that Simeon has joined us to lead on marketing, social media and communication. The only other change is that Paul Elliot will be our Diving Officer and Paul Stafford takes on the training role. Thanks to everyone for their contributions to a positive 2017.

We were pleased to welcome another Paul on Tuesday evening. He will be try diving with us next Tuesday. We will again be using the pool at Guildford Spectrum. We have 4 Try divers and further interest in the pipeline. I am optimistic that we will be able to run an Ocean Diver course this year. The big message from our last Try Dive evening, is that the more people who get involved, the better the event.

The willingness to get involved was further evidenced by the response to John’s appeal for help with maintaining our trailer. A work – day is planned for March and a beer or two afterwards will no doubt make it all worthwhile.

We are looking forward to our trip to Dartford – or is it Deptford? It looks like Dartmouth 2018 will be the first 7 Seas trip with an indoor swimming pool, gym and sauna. Or am I dreaming?

As a club we are giving considerable thought as to how we build our numbers and encourage people who would love to dive, but may feel our sport is not something for ‘people like them’. I feel we are in a stronger position to move forward with getting our message out into the community and deliver a great experience for those who take up the opportunity of a ‘Try Dive’. We should be able to deliver a first class training course. Brilliant stuff if we all get involved in any way we can.

We will hold our next meeting in February to nail down these ideas with a plan for the year. I will put out the date when I remember it! I was completely lost when my phone died on Tuesday and my diary was inaccessible. Progress!

So wishing you all a safe New Year. Thanks for renewing and keeping your involvement going. We hope to have more social events in the coming weeks to encourage people out during the remaining winter months.

Catch up soon
Paul – Chair

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