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SS Jaffa

Waves Shape

The Rib was out yesterday, typical British diving conditions: Force 1-2 wind, flat calm seas and brilliant sunshine. We dived the Jaffa as planned and I for one had a great dive. Viz was interesting, the water was crystal clear at the surface but dropped to about 2m at 26m. I guess the Algae bloom is finally clearing down so things are getting better. Plenty of fish life as per normal in the channel (just to get in the way of the wreck :)) with a smattering of crabs, Lobster and smaller crustaceans. Some conger were spotted on the wreck by everyone else.

I suppose the boilers and the prop are the main features on interest left on this wreck that was sunk in 1918, and they are quite impressive.

The only kit failure was the pen used for recording Marshall sheets.

Great day, thanks to all involved and especially Joe for Boat handling etc.

All looking really good for IOW next week, have fun, I wish I was going to be there.

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