Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Wreck of The Pentyrch – 25th June -Cancelled Due Weather AGAIN!!!!

Waves Shape

Tomorrow’s dive on the Wreck of The Pentyrch is cancelled due the strong winds. Next weekend is on a Super Neap and the dive site will be the The Gascony a torpedoed steamer which was sunk in January 1918. At the time there was some confusion as to whether its end was brought about by a torpedo or a mine, but post-war examination of U-boat records confirmed it was a torpedo fired by UC-75.

LW Slack is 11:15 meet at Marina 08:00

The slip is unusable between 11am and 3pm so a second drift dive could happen on the way back.

Suitable for Experienced Sports Divers and above. Any OD’s who would like to dive email me as if there are insufficent numbers for The Gascony I will plan a shallower dive.

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