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The Weekly Shout

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Good Afternoon
Hope everyone is keeping well/ feeling better.
Damien has cleared some garage space so hopefully short term kit storage issue is sorted.
We had a committee meeting last week, at which Paul Stafford notified us that due to work commitments he will be standing down as TO for the club. He has asked Laurence D to step up in the interim and assist with any outstanding training, therefore if anyone wishes to progress with any training, ie DL, Boat handling etc please let Paul or Laurence know – they will not chase you.
Joe is finally moving today- great news for him- not so good for 7 Seas! On behalf of everyone at the club I would just like to wish Joe and Kay the very best of luck and good wishes for their new life in Wales. We know we won’t see as much of Joe as we used to, but hopefully he won’t be a stranger and will continue to organise some great trips around the UK. We will get that night dive done at some point!!
Club night as usual Tues 8pm The Epsom Club
Regards Helen
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