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The Weekly Shout

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Good Evening
You may have noticed I have changed the name/subject of the email. The reason is Joe has asked me to so it can be added directly to the website, this works for me as now I don’t have to panic at 10:30 on a Monday night because I haven’t sent it!
On behalf of everyone I would like to thank Mike and Fiona for allowing us to help celebrate their recent wedding. It was a lovely evening and I’m sure everyone had a great time. It was also successful in persuading a few extra people to join the Malta trip next year!
Talking of Malta, I am going to help Adrienne with the planning, so please do let either of us know if you’d like to join and haven’t already put your name down. I will catch up with Adrienne tomorrow, but we will be asking for initial deposits soon.
Club night as usual, Tues 8pm at the Epsom Club, look forward to seeing you there.
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